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Past Events

2018 GFHLX Art Contest


Thank you for your interest in the 3rd Annual Gluten Free + Healthy Lifestyles Expo!

AnGela Reinhard, Event Coordinator on the set of ABC 7 News at Noon

Meet the Event Coordinator: AnGela Reinhard

For years I suffered with digestive trouble without a known cause. After a ton of research & investigation, including finding several supportive healthcare practitioners, I found that a severe sensitivity to gluten and several other foods would limit my food choices indefinitely. To my surprise this discovery also allowed me to continue battling with bipolar disorder without the use of medications. Learn more about my health journey at yourpowerofreason.com.

Many people ask, "No bread...No pasta...What is left to enjoy life with?!" At first I wondered the same thing. I'm a self-professed foodie - there's no such thing as life without good food! But after years of finding work-arounds, I've come to realize that there's more to life EATING REAL FOODS.

By eating the foods that heal my gut, I have the time, energy & health to enjoy life more + real foods actually taste good! I know you won't believe me until you try it for yourself. So join us at this year's second annual Gluten Free + Healthy Lifestyles Expo [GFHLX] in Sarasota, Florida!

At GFHLX you'll get to sample products, get coupons, attend informative classes & demos along with hundreds of people who have the same goal in mind - EAT HEALTHY, LIVE HEALTHY! It's a fun, family-friendly, educational event with over 50 exhibitors and respected guest speakers.

I look forward to connecting with you! And hope to meet your personally at GFHLX on April 21st!

Yours in Health,

AnGela Reinhard, Event Coordinator
Cell: (941) 302-2351
Email: info@glutenfreelifestyles.org

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Past Events

2016 GFHLX Presenters

Doctor Lauren Grace"Healing Digestive Disorders for Good" by Dr. Lauren Grace
Learn the underlying causes of all digestive diseases and disorders. Discover simple ways you can treat these disorders AND get rid of them for good.

About Dr. Grace
Lauren Grace is a licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. After opening her Acupuncture practice Lauren continued to study Naturopathic Medicine to learn the latest in diagnostic testing and functional medicine.

Today she runs an integrative medicine practice combining the ancient healing principles of Chinese Medicine with the latest in medical science discoveries. Lauren also educates and certifies other practitioners and health coaches on the principles of functional medicine and advanced diagnostic testing. She is currently co-authoring and publishing a number of health related books. Lauren frequently lectures locally in Sarasota and New York City.

For more information on Lauren and her practice visit www.sarasotaintegrativehealth.com

Previous Presenter

Michael Tamez"Listen to Your Body" by Michael Tamez
Real life success story & certified Holistic Health Coach Michael Tamez will discuss how our bodies all have innate wisdom and intelligence. We'll discover how to transform all areas of our lives by learning to listen to our bodies.

About Michael Tamez
Michael Tamez is a certified Holistic Health Coach who has experienced a 15 year health transformation. On his adventure, he lost 105 pounds, lowered his blood pressure, and reversed sleep apnea and advanced gum disease. This was all accomplished naturally, without drugs or surgery. Michael's journey was intensified when he lost 5 family members in the course of 18 months.

All of these experiences combined led Michael to discover his true passion in life. Today he is dedicated to guiding, empowering, and sharing the knowledge and wisdom he has acquired over the course of his lifetime. Michael published his debut book, Transformative Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to Healthy and Balanced Living.

To find out more, please visit his website www.michaeltamez.com

Previous Presenter

Nora Clemens"Bringing Back {Gluten Free} Ancient Grains" by Nora Clemens
Move over wheat, barley, and rye, HELLO ANCIENT GRAINS! Learn how to incorporate new grains into your GF lifestyle with ease.

About Nora Clemens
Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist and Certified Food Sensitivities Therapist Nora Clemens has helped countless people to achieve optimal health through nutrition for over 30 years. She is the owner of Nutrition and Wellness Solutions, a nutrition private practice, focusing on helping people use food as medicine.

Nora has a passion for helping people achieve optimal health with their nutrition, specializing in weight management and medical conditions impacted by nutrition such as diabetes, heart disease, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disorders, digestives issues and other related disorders. She helps her clients make informed choices by translating nutritional science into practical, useful information that can be applied to daily life.

She received her degree in Food and Nutrition from Florida State University and completed her internship at Emory University. She completed the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Adult Weight Management Certification program and is a Certified LEAP Therapist (food sensitivities specialty) with Oxford Biomedical Technologies.

For more information about Nora and her practice visit www.nutritionandwellnesssolutions.com

Previous Presenter

Dr. John Monhollon"The Importance of Integrative Medicine" by Dr. John Monhollon
Hypothyroid? Adrenal Fatigue? Hormone Imbalance? Dr. Monhollon will answer all of your questions and explain how integrative medicine helps in treating each individual, not just a disease.

About Dr. John Monhollon

Board Certified Family Physician Dr. John Monhollon, MD practices primary care from a holistic perspective. His first choice is natural medicine, then he also integrates the best modern medicine has to offer, including intravenous infusion therapies.

While some patients see Dr. Monhollon for the specialty services provided by Florida Integrative Medical Center, many others consider him their primary care physician. He provides patients with individualized caring medicine, emphasizing the whole person. For those with chronic illnesses, he creates the opportunity for patients to walk with him along a path from disease to health. Because the elimination of the underlying causes of disease can be complicated, he listens attentively and takes time with each patient.

Dr. Monhollon is a specialist in hormone replacement by pellet implantation and is experienced in the treatment of metabolic syndrome and chronic fatigue-fibromyalgia syndrome, among many other chronic conditions. To gain a better understanding of disease after his residency, he completed a year's internship in pathology. He is a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM).

For more information about Dr. Monhollon or Florida Integrative Medical Center please visit www.floridaintegrative.com.

Previous Presenter

Dr. Jordan Maeson"Dining Out with Special Dietary Needs" by Dr. Jordan Maeson
In this informative talk on June 25th, you'll learn the latest information on staying safer when dining out with special dietary requests. Educating consumers is as important as educating our dining establishments. Discover easy ways to ensure your safer dining experience through collaborative efforts on both sides.

About Dr. Jordan Maeson

Jordan Maeson, MD is the founder and President of Safer Dining, a Food Allergy Consulting and Education firm located in St. Petersburg, FL. Dr. Maeson received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Sports Medicine from Lees-McRae College and continued her education with the University of Florida, College of Medicine, specializing in Nuclear Cardiology.

Upon being diagnosed with adult onset of deadly food allergies, bringing awareness of food allergies became her research focus. Jordan's diverse background has allowed her to leverage her training as a physician, researcher and subject matter expert in the field of food allergies.

Dr. Maeson has been selected by numerous companies as an SME to develop content, such as the National Restaurant Association, Davidson's Pasteurized Eggs, and Food Allergy Research and Education. She recently began a project as an SME for the International Food Protection Training Institute to participate in the development of the Integrated Food Safety System National Curriculum.

Safer Dining is excited to announce their most recent partnership as the Exclusive Food Allergy Training Company for Regulatory Compliance Services, a subsidiary of Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association!

For more information about Dr. Jordan Maeson or Safer Dining please visit www.saferdining.com.

Previous Presenter

Cricket Plunkett"Social Aspects of Living Gluten Free" by Cricket Plunkett
Discover how to overcome the every day challenges of living gluten free with pastry chef turned gluten free blogger Cricket Plunkett.

About Cricket Plunkett

Before learning she could no longer eat gluten, Cricket Plunkett graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a degree in Baking and Pastry. After working in several restaurants, she decided to focus her talents on creating healthy recipes at Cricket's Confections.

For more information about Cricket and her amazing confections, recipes and adventures please visit www.cricketsconfections.com

The 2018 GFHLX Art Contest

Community Events in cooperation with Art & Frame of Sarasota sponsors its first Art Contest for local artists - over $500 in prizes! ‚Äč

2018 GFHLX Art Contest

Community Events is proud to announce its first ever art contest. Intended as a way to support and promote the diverse local art community of Sarasota County and surrounding areas, Art & Frame of Sarasota will accept submissions of art, with prizes valued at over $500!

Artwork will be displayed at the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium during the 2nd Annual GFHLX on Saturday May 13th. Awards will be given at the conclusion of the event at 5PM. Details on GFHLX here.

"I have always loved art - as a form of self-expression & stress relief. Living in an area rich with local artists, I want to give them a platform to show off their work and make a statement about the changes they want to see happen in our community concerning healthcare," remarks AnGela Reinhard. "I hope this opens the way for a conversation on how we can all work together for a healthier future."

Submissions acceptance dates to be announced. The contest will be judged both by the attendees of GFHLX as well as a panelist of judges. Winners will be chosen on April 21st at GFHLX.

All submitted entries will be eligible for display at Art & Frame of Sarasota's Hall Gallery for the entire month of June.

Submissions should reflect some aspect of health, culture, enjoyment of life, etc. We give wide latitude for the maximum artistic creativity. Nearly any submission will be acceptable, including, but not limited to:

Submissions may be made in person at the Art & Frame of Sarasota: 1055 S Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236, or electronically in a high-quality file TIFF, AI, PDF, to info@glutenfreelifestyles.org.

Contest Rules

All artwork must be 100% original, and artists must verify that their work is unique through a provided affidavit. No work can exceed 48"x 60" or weigh more than 20 pounds. Your art must be ready to hang on standard picture hooks. Please wire your art. No string, Zig-Zag hangers, tape, or flimsy frames. Please contact Art & Frame of Sarasota's Framing Department with any questions.

We may elect to use your art in national promotions (even non-winning entries), and in all such cases, the artist will be given credit for their work.

For fairness, the winning pieces will be selected through a blind process (artist name is unknown during the selections).

About GFHLX: The 2017 Gluten Free + Healthy Lifestyles Expo [GFHLX] is an amazing way to connect with like-minded people, products, and services in our community and beyond! You'll learn how to live a healthier lifestyle - whether that's through nutrition, sleep, exercise or stress relief. Tickets can be purchased in advance at www.glutenfreelifestyles.org or at the door. Tickets are $10 for adults. Entrance for children 12 and under is free.

About Art & Frame of Sarasota: Family owned business providing art supplies & education to the Sarasota community for over 26 years. For more information, visit http://www.in2art.com.

About Community Events: Based locally out of Manatee County, Community Events coordinates events throughout the suncoast with a focus on connecting the community with resources to live longer, happier lives. For more information, visit http://www.healthandhomefairs.com.

Media Inquiries: To schedule an interview with Founder & Event Coordinator AnGela Reinhard, contact Community Events at 941-302-2351 or info@glutenfreelifestyles.org.